Coloured finishes


Palermo is a kaleidoscope: infinite cultures and colours coexist in the multiform heritage of its dominations. But it is only in the reds of the historic markets, in their tents and fish slices, and in the Arabian persistence that it remains possible, perhaps, to capture the soul of such a colourful place. In the bright tone of the domes of San Giovanni degli Eremiti or San Cataldo, closer to the East than to Europe, and in their happy contrast—chromatic and rhythmic—with the severe monochrome of the walls, where red overpowers the rest, the neighbouring buildings, the disorder and the sky. A vermilion result, literally ‘from the worms’ of the cochineal (the prickly pear parasite), or perhaps from the mollusc of the royal purple: the red pigment symbol of elegance, in contrast and association with human blood and the surrounding environment.


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