Enjoy your building

In his early thirties, Vincenzo Coniglio imagined being able to improve the quality of life of Sicilians by innovating regional construction, aiming to spread good practices and excellent products for more comfortable and safe homes and to facilitate and qualify the work of operators in the sector. . Since then the project has breathed commitment, loyalty, constant improvement, innovation and positivity. In other words: enjoy your building.



Rapid, a great little miracle

Can a plaster break conventions and, with them, the normal expectations of users for a so-called “poor” product? Can it revolutionise the very use of binders, the habits of workers and the usual processing times? Rapid does. And this is Tradimalt’s social debut.


The Adhesives range

A small step for R&D, a big step for Tradimalt. The introduction of an adhesive range is the first step towards a new technical awareness, which encourages research and opens up new business frontiers. Today it is simply one of the “bestseller” ranges, capable of meeting every laying requirement for any type of tile or substrate.


Tradielastic, elegant protection

Tradielastic—now an extended family of innovative waterproofing products for industrial and civil construction—has arrived and changed the perception of Tradimalt branded technical products.


Tradimalt Smart

The authentic Tradimalt commercial policy is introduced. Targeting strategies prove to be a field prone to creativity, with innovative implications in rewards, programming and support. The first Tradimalt-branded Smart cars, the success of the “made-to-measure” formula… The resulting commercial success allows us to dream.


Magistra, laboratory of building culture

In collaboration with some of the most important universities in southern Italy, Tradimalt gives birth to “Magistra”, a new brand of high-end products for quality building, entirely based on natural hydraulic lime, particularly suited to restoration and the growing demand for bio-sustainable products.


Tradimalt card

“The first card that rewards construction”. This is an unprecedented customer loyalty initiative for the sector, with important marketing benefits and numerous advantages for the end consumer. A signature initiative, a distinctive cameo under the heading “innovation”.


Tradimalt colour

Colour is born; the last layer with a decisive aesthetic and functional role. And it is born, in no uncertain terms, offering a product that can be appreciated mainly by the most specialised and competent operators. In order to continue the work begun with Tradimalt, it was necessary to “finish” in style…


Tradimalt premium

The new retailer programme combines technical training with a system of progressive incentives and rewards for participation in training. Differentiated activities and meetings for retailers and their staff. What is the objective? Providing retailers with concrete support to manage market dynamics and helping them to be more and more a reference point for customers locally.

We help build important things, not just important houses


Mission, vision, value. A thousand other similar words, all "trendy" sounding, are not enough to headline the core of our commitment, the comet that guides our path. And that is the passion we put into providing solutions—even more than products—to customers, intermediaries and the community around us.


Mission, vision, value. A thousand other similar words, all "trendy" sounding, are not enough to headline the core of our commitment, the comet that guides our path. And that is the passion we put into providing solutions—even more than products—to customers, intermediaries and the community around us.


The ability to innovate (and to renew oneself) is perhaps the element that best qualifies our company's propensity, demonstrated over the years, to change and progress through the expansion and improvement of its services, products and policies. Proof of this is the growth of the product range, the ability to propose relationships and commercial solutions that are different from the usual practices and the "language" adopted by the company in the market, which also includes the tone of modern communication and the adoption of innovative technologies and means to convey marketing messages and actions.


The culture of quality is a guiding element of the group's activity, as evidenced by the (non-existent) complaints statistics and the unparalleled performance parameters. Quality is not just a product-related value: it is the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing or sell-out initiatives to support the sales network or even the approach of our agents to their territory. Quality is what allows a watch to be on time; a condition only possible when all the gears work together.


Tradimalt carries out its activities in compliance with the law, internal regulations and professional ethics, which commit both employees and agents throughout the territory. Tradimalt Spa wants to make a concrete contribution to economic and social development based on respect for fundamental human and labour rights and environmental protection, promoting a culture of development and sustainability within some of its spheres of influence.


The group takes a public stance, with special communication campaigns and by paying attention in its dealings and relations with all stakeholders, in the fight against organised crime, avoiding any behaviour that could be interpreted as support, even indirect, for these criminal phenomena.


We are committed to directing our choices in such a way as to ensure compatibility between economic initiative and environmental needs. Aware that our business consists of a range that is not very compatible with sincere sustainability criteria—in this sense we do not intend to mystify by "greening" our communication—the decision was made to invest in the formulation of a line based on natural binders, promoting their use throughout the industry.


An integral and characteristic part of Tradimalt's quality policy are its Research and Development laboratories, staffed by a young and highly qualified team of technicians. It is in these laboratories that tests applied by the company to its entire production are carried out, and it is here that the new mortar of tomorrow is born, at the end of a real research process. That is why our products are so sought after.