Heritage is Magistra®'s specialist range dedicated to top restoration works. A cultural project, even more than a commercial one, that specialises in high-end services and products for the restoration and recovery of valuable buildings, including a selection of special premixed mortar based on NHL 5 lime, and offering the additional possibility of formulating customised products (through the "Magistra Ad Hoc" solutions) and professional support to players operating in the field of historical and conservative restoration according to the appropriate prescriptions and requirements for protection and enhancement. The solutions offered are, among others, systems for static consolidation, dehumidification of walls, renovation of historical plaster, restoration of stone, thermal restoration, pictorial decoration and finishing, for a basic "catalogue"—which can be further developed and customised—of 20 products dedicated to the building industry:

  • Wall consolidation: injection mixtures and static mortar for structural reinforcement.
  • Plaster restoration: traditional plaster restoration, natural and coloured in its mass.
  • Green building: natural hydraulic lime, floor screed, natural plaster, natural adhesive.
  • Dehumidification: renovating macroporous plaster cycle.
  • Coloured finishes: mineral finishes, lime skim coats, lime paints, natural hydraulic lime skim coats and adhesives.
  • Stone restoration: reconstruction mortar, cleaners, consolidating agents, water and oil repellent protective agents.

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