Area geographical programming, margin opportunity, serious commercial mastery territorial, attention and incentive to sales

These are the levers on which our commercial offer is based. Two bisectors—technical and commercial—aimed at satisfying the end user and the retailer respectively. Perfectly affordable products at the best purchase price, or products with added value formulated to appeal to a more discerning user segment.



Keeping the right balance between the commercial potential of a retailer and a geographical area is the first criterion for a mutually satisfying cooperation.



Customised budget programmes for each reseller-partner: growth projects and incentives planned at the beginning of the year.



The "sell-in", the set of policies that facilitate the supply of the product to the retailer, is taken care of with standard promotions to facilitate individual orders for an additional margin on the final selling price.


This depends on you, your company and the compatibility of your reality with our current distribution network. Certainly you need to apply, contact us and get things started... Then, we will evaluate together what to do.


Made-to-measure formula

Strategy, visibility, loyalty, direct marketing.

To define our sales and marketing strategy, we drew inspiration from the best tradition of Italian haute couture, from that class of craftsmen who are able to make garments that are exactly "tailored" to the different shapes of each individual customer. Calibrating specific solutions for each individual, at the cost of not standardising and simplifying intervention procedures. The ability to listen, to interpret the needs (of each individual area) and to offer a precise solution, guaranteeing its effectiveness. Our mix of tools is at the service of sales and commercial management for the made-to-measure adaptation you deserve.

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