Tradimalt Premium is a project dedicated to all retailers who choose to undertake training with Tradimalt at all levels, to grow together with the company and become a certified technical reference point in the area. The programme is designed to involve and reward all the professionals in the retail facility, with differentiated training programmes for the retailer and its employees. Retail staff who take part in the courses become Tradimalt Experts, i.e. experts who can provide customers with specific advice on products, systems and application techniques.

Advanced training for the construction industry

Become a Tradimalt Expert: a retailer operator who has followed the Tradimalt technical course programme, able to guide and advise users in choosing the best products and solutions.


Premium training courses are free and aimed at everyone: retail staff, companies, technicians and planners, craftsmen. An opportunity that Tradimalt provides to disseminate good practices in the contemporary construction industry and appropriate solutions to the most relevant problems.


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