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Eco Rinforzo

EcoRinforzo is a breathable fibre-reinforced mortar based on natural hydraulic lime with high mechanical performance, selected aggregates (max 2 mm) and specific additives for reinforcing, restoring and bedding stone, brick and mixed masonry. The product can be applied either by hand or machine. Compliant with the requirements of UNI EN 998-2 for masonry mortar and UNI EN 998-1 as mortar for GP CS IV and R-type renovation plaster. Available in M10 or M15 version.

Fields of Application

  • stabilisation and securing of structurally precarious stone or solid brick masonry;
  • manufacture of consolidating rough coats on stone or brick masonry with a static collaboration effect;
  • bedding or like-for-like replacement of stone or brick masonry;
  • reintegration or strengthening, with or without reinforcement of joints or bedding mortar in stone or solid brickwork;
  • consolidation (thickening) of the extrados or intrados of vaults in combination with meshes, reinforcement or confinement bars, metal reinforcements, glass fibre, carbon fibre;
  • fixing of chains, reinforcement bars, anti-expulsion tie rods etc., both in metal and glass fibre. both in metal and in glass or carbon fibre.


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