Magistra Hybrid

Eco Rasatura

Breathable mineral smoothing plaster, based on NHL 5 natural hydraulic lime in compliance with UNI EN 459-1 and calcareous aggregates with a maximum grain size of 0.6 mm, suitable for thin smoothing coats both indoors and outdoors, in the application cycles of products in the Hybrid range. Particularly fine, versatile and easy to work with while maintaining the breathability of the substrate.

Fields of Application

ECO Rasatura is used for fine-grained breathable smoothing of civil plaster and renovation plaster from the Hybrid range before applying coloured coatings, smooth finishes or paints. Due to its special composition, it can be used on all types of indoor and outdoor substrates, especially as finish for lime-based mortars and plasters. Due to its chemical, physical and mechanical properties, it is also ideal in renovation and structural reinforcement of stone or brick walls. ECO Rasatura is used for finishing and levelling surfaces such as:
  • pre-mixed plasters based on natural hydraulic lime;
  • traditional plasters for historical buildings;
  • pre-mixed plasters based on cement-lime.


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