Magistra Hybrid

Eco Iniezione

Super fluid consolidating mortar with ultra-fine grain size, based on NHL natural hydraulic lime and selected limestone aggregates, particularly suitable for reinforcing and consolidating bagged stone, solid brick or mixed masonry structures by injection, with strength class M15 according to EN 998-2.

Fields of Application

  • Masonry consolidation by injection to obtain structural continuity of the resistant sections of masonry affected by cracks, voids, lack of bedding mortar, etc.
  • The injection with the consolidating mortar guarantees the restoration of the mechanical resistance and structural homogeneity of the masonry avoiding the formation of rigid areas. The particular design of the grain size curve facilitates the flow, ensuring the complete filling of all internal voids in the masonry.
  • ECO Iniezione is used for the reintegration and consolidation of brick or stone bag masonry.


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