Coprifacile Ripristino

Fibre-reinforced, thixotropic, normal-setting, shrinkage-compensated cement-based mortar for the restoration, protection and passivation of concrete structures. Composed of hydraulic binders, fibres selected aggregates with a maximum grain size of 1.4 mm and specific additives.

Fields of Application

Surface reconstruction and levelling of degraded concrete elements. Coprifacile is particularly recommended for repairing concrete elements such as:
  • containment walls; crumbling slabs;
  • surfaces degraded by the attack of sulphate salts present in the water or soil;
  • structures degraded as a result of oxidation of the reinforcement rods and related expulsion of the concrete cover;
  • beams, pillars, slabs;
  • cornices, balconies, front panels.
  • water works, tanks, dams and canals etc.
  • road and railway tunnels;
Coprifacile Ripristino is also a suitable concrete for interventions aimed at increasing the resistance of masonry such as plating with reinforced plaster.


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