Adhesives, Tradimalt Minipack

Adhesive Fast C2FT

Quick-setting and hardening cement-based powdered adhesive with improved performance and no vertical slip. Suitable for quick interior and exterior renovation jobs requiring immediate installation.

Fields of Application

Tradicoll C2 fast is a powdered adhesive that meets the requirements of UNI 11493—Floor and Wall Ceramic Tiling—and is suitable for laying:
  • ceramic tiles of all types
  • porcelain stoneware
  • thinner substrates
  • natural stone
Tradicoll MC2 fast can be applied on substrates such as:
  • cement-based screeds
  • sulphate-based screeds (after applying a suitable primer)
  • concrete
  • existing floors
  • radiant floors
  • water-proofing materials
  • cement-based plaster

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